Install Mac OS on windows laptop

You need:
  • iAtkos ML2 (Mountain Lion 10.8.2 or higher)
  • An 64 Bit laptop
  • USB Flash (capacity 8gb or larger)
  • Plenty of time (esp the laptop does not have an SSD )
You need tp download iAtkos ML2 as a DMG file and write to your USB Flash. You can find the file from various torrent sites. You need a Mac computer or a virtual host Mac to write the DMG to your USB. If you have your USB Flash ready with iAtkos ML2 DMG, then plug it in to your computer and reboot. You may need to choose boot from USB (press F12 on some BIOSes)
Some important steps:
BIOS setting must bring to factory defaults and activate "Intel Virtualization Technology" setting on your BIOS.
You may need to activate verbose mode of iAtkos ML2 by pressing  -v key combination. 
If your HD has a partition , erase it and create a brand new Mac OS partition.
If you have an old graphics card (not Mobility) you have to disable graphic card activation.
Once you configure your MacOS , you can upgrade to latest from Apple Menu. 


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